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Ailim House

Customise Your personal Experience

See The Forest For The Trees

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Our dedicated team at Ailim House is committed to provide the finest service & the most unforgettable experience for you. Apart from our standard service, we would love to assist you on making any thoughts or ideas you might have for your stay come true. 


If we are lucky to be the place you choose to celebrate your special day, spend with the loved one, treat someone you care for, ask the important question of your life or simply want to give yourself a well deserved worry free holiday; we want to help you to make it perfect. 

Tropical Leaves

What We Do


Arrange your ride

Contact Us with Your Ideas

We Will Get Back to You Soon!


Pre order Flower Arrangement, Either in Your Room or Upon Arrival


Reservation for Restaurant, Golfing and Other Activities nearby 


We Can Decorate Your Room for your purpose


There are much more we can do! Let us know your thoughts, we will try to assist.

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