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    Here at Hare Nest, we consider all of our guests to be gourmets. we aim to design our menu which would not only bring balanced  nutrition, but also provide them a pleasant taste and visual experience. 
Your beautiful Orange yolk eggs, fresh whole/semi milk and juice are delivered to our door step by FIFE LOCAL FARMER.
Your smoked bacon, sausage, haggis, vegetable and fruit are ordered from St andrews' local farm shop Balgrove Ladder.
Your bread, ummmm..... It could be freshly made from local bakery Fisher & donaldson, or from our popular farm shop, worst case we baked it freshly from our own kitchen in Ailim House.
From May to Early September, we would go to berry farm 5 miles away to hand pick berries, which then are served to you either freshly or as jam.
Autum in fife, apples and pears are the best to try. For those of you in Ailim House, enjoy the pears from our own tree.

Why Not Visit Our Beloved Local Farms  & Bakery

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