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    E.F. Schumacher introduced the concept of 'Small is beautiful' in his book; we find it is a suitable idea to illustrate our efforts in looking after the planet as a young business that aims at sustainable future. 
    Proudly, we are the species that possess intelligence and the ability to confront the fact that we unavoidably leave a large footprint which overtook planet earth's renewability speed and forces the environment towards increasing entropy. 
    Hare Nest understands the necessity of moving forward like a stream only flows downward and we aim to reduce our footprint through small simple daily actions, from us and from you.

Our Effort:

we Hope the List grows

Glass of Milk

Local Dairy

We order milk and juice from local Dairy when available. Say yes to reusable glass container.


Temperature Controlled Heating + Heat Pump Air Conditioning(Ailim House)

Automatically temperature based heating/cooling, enjoy the perfectly controlled comfort.

Green Waste Recycling


Paper, plastic, batteries, glass, food waste, fabric and garden waste

Glass of Milk

0% Dishwashing Tablets

Free from preservatives, healthier for you and our eco system


Organic Amenities

We provide Organic Amenities for our guests, it is a joint effort!

Vegetables in Paper Bags

Shop Local + Electric Vehicle

We shop locally and only use EV for our business, reducing transporting and fresher without plastic wrapping 


You are the Best

Remember, Small Is Beautiful!


While traveling, it is not as easy to recycle as at home. We are here to help! Simply leave paper, plastic and other recyclable waste next to your bin, our house keeper will collect them during room service and recycle them for you.

Hand Holding Brown Paper Bag

Use Our Smart Home Temp Control System

Take advantage of our smart temperature controlled heating/cooling system. Use only what you need to stay comfortable.


Reuse towel

To ensure a comfortable stay, our house keeper will change towel and linen for you regularly. To achieve hygiene standard, the laundry process is high on water consumption. So we ask you to use the heated towel rail provided to reuse it and leave the towel on the floor if you want it changed.

Aromatheapy Oils

Thoughtful + Suggestive

Do what you think is good! We are sure you would come up with clever ways to help the Earth!

Share your clever thoughts with us, we will try to act upon them!

Studying at Home
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